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My partner loves to play Articulate with her friends. One night, she asked me to create a website so they could make custom cards. I said I would, but not that same evening because I had work and sleep to do. I then couldn't stop thinking about it so they received the prototype two hours later.

It's very bare-bones but was fun since it was my first time messing with print styles. When I have time (haha as if) I'm going to expand the system to save your cards online and allow collaboration, but for now it's basically a spreadsheet formatter.

My friend's dad is the great mind behind Articulate (this is known as a casual flex). I told him about this site and he laughed and said we're supposed to get people to buy the game not print cards for free. I still don't know if he was joking or not. Sorry, Andrew. So, if you do decide to use this site, please buy the full game as well, for my sake.