I made Celebrate

Glowing compliments for daily achievements

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Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by responsibilities. I find it hard to feel good about myself and the work I'm doing since there's always something left on the list.

Celebrate aims to act as a reassuring voice, complimenting you for all the little things you achieve in a day.


Celebrate is the simplest website I've ever made. It consists of text input where you can list your day's achievements – anything from eating a meal to becoming an Olympic champion – and that's it.

When you've finished your list, submit it and be rewarded with a glowing compliment. It comes from a machine (though I like to think it originates with me), but reading an affirmation to yourself can be heartening.


The site is built with vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The logic is only 220 lines long, the first 50 of which are dedicated to suggestions and congratulations.