mostly articles nowadays, though I'd like to get back into books when I have the time. This is a alphabetical collection of all the blogs I read regularly so is essentially a blogroll but with a quick description of each person: a list of links is just too boring.

Adam Silver writes about user experience design in web development and explains many useful tips that someone new to development, like my self, might otherwise not think of.

Blake Watson is all about his personal journey in technology, though my favourites from him are all about his concept of home-cooked apps.

Brian Birtles presents a unique perspective as a former browser engineer. He shares insights into the people and design of the web platform that is very interesting as someone who builds off it.

Chris Coyier is a household name as the co-founder of CodePen, but I most know him for his short, notes-style blog posts about everything from web development to scrabble.

Dave Rupert is big on web components (I believe he's working on Fluent at Microsoft in fact) but likes to mix things up with his Vibe Checks and pretty much whatever else comes to mind.

Egor Kloos talks about modern CSS and the changing face of web development.

Chris Ferdinandi's daily tips are short and sweet explanations of why Chris believes JavaScript frameworks are generally bad news and how to use the grain of the web to your advantage.

Alex Russell writes about browsers and standards and the effect of public opinion on the development output of large companies.

Jake Archibald has a great many interesting thoughts about slightly obscure web development topics, my favourite of which radicalised my against self-closing tags.

That just scratches the surface of all I'm reading, but it turns out going through my RSS reader person by person and having to distill their entire corpus into one or two sentences is hard actually. When I next have a free afternoon I'll continue the job, and maybe even slap an OPML file up somewhere to make your life easier ;)