html is hard

It's been a while since I first learnt HTML. I did it by finding elements that solved the challenges I was facing at the time. This was a great introduction to the language, but I think it's time to gain an holistic view by reading the complete MDN web docs for each element!

This page will be a compendium of everything I find interesting, confusing or worth noting down as I complete this gargantuan task.

document metadata


You can leave out the start and end tags as long they're not followed by a comment. Why would you do this? You should always put a lang attribute on it anyway.


I never understood the point of a browsing context. Turns out it allows you to specify whether links open in the same or a new tab. Handy.


The media attribute allows media queries, so you can load specific stylesheets for different sizes for example. A link can have event handlers, but no one knows why.

To be continued…