new new new blog!

Whew. Blog #3. Looks an awful lot like blog #2 doesn't it? I promise you though – it's much better.

I started my blogging journey with Jekyll, though I quickly found that too restrictive and clumsy, so I moved to Astro. Astro worked well and gave me complete control but I always spent more time fiddling with the tech than actually writing. As a result, this blog has been elevated to the incredible heights of a few static HTML files and 50 lines of CSS.

Oh, and a manual RSS feed because that's who I am.

My hope is that removing all the bells and whistles will encourage me to spend more time caring for the content of this site, but I'm writing this halfway through my final year at university, so I somehow doubt I'll have the time.

For now, I'm working on write-ups for all my projects, so head over to making to check those out.